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Welcome to the Empowered Patient Podcast with Karen Jagoda.  This show is a window into the latest innovations in digital health and the changing dynamic between doctors and patients.

Topics on the show include

  • the emergence of personalized medicine and breakthroughs in genomics
  • advances in biopharmaceuticals
  • age related diseases and aging in place
  • using big data from wearables and sensors
  • transparency in the medical marketplace
  • challenges for connected health entrepreneurs

The audience includes researchers, medical professionals, patient advocates, entrepreneurs, patients, caregivers, solution providers, students, journalists, and investors.

Jun 10, 2021

Omri Shor is Founder and CEO of Medisafe and focused on bringing resources to pharmaceutical companies so that they can better manage the entire patient journey from prescription of a specific medication throughout their daily routines and lifestyle choices.  Integrating Medisafe into the engagement with patients allows key data to be collected about patterns of adherence and potential obstacles to drug adherence. Clinicians and pharmacists are also connecting through the Medisafe platform to help manage patients, particularly with comorbidities and to reduce time spent on routine tasks.

Omri emphasizes the need for patients to receive a personalized plan of action that provides real-time real-life support combining the human and digital connections. COVID-19 further illustrated the benefits of digital health technology to connect patients with the kind of support necessary to keep them on track and connected to care providers.

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